Smart and safe cities




Situational centers

The new fully domestic version of the Co-ordcom, compatible with Linux. The latest Russian platform for "call support and"management of emergency operational services
A platform for building emergency response systems and solving problems of receiving and processing calls, dispatching, interdepartmental coordination and interaction in the agro-industrial complex "Safe City".
A management system of cities and municipalities based on a single information space, which assumes an integration software platform that combines software and hardware systems of government authorities, business entities, video surveillance systems and data of end devices. This system ultimately allows you to manage processes more efficiently, reducing the cost and speeding them up.
Situational centers are designed for holding meetings and video sessions, ensuring the activities of the highest official of the subject of the Russian Federation, as well as monitoring and control, analysis and forecasting, strategic planning, including for the management of national projects
A domestic solution to support management decision-making, software for situation centers of senior officials.
years of experience
projects completed
Sphere JSC is a Russian software developer. Specializes in large, complex projects. A wide range of competencies makes it possible to implement projects on a municipal and regional scale to digitalize various areas of society and business. Main directions: "smart and safe cities", "situational centers", "comprehensive business security".

Completed projects

Moscow region
Europe's largest System-112 in terms of  number of residents served

Rostov region

A unique project - the introduction of the Safe City APK throughout the region
Vladimir region
Voronezh region
Jewish Autonomous Region
Lipetsk region
Samara Region
Republic of Kalmykia
Tambov Region
Tver region
Tula region
and etc.

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